Here is what a few of our parents are saying about The Arc's Services:

“That helping her is not a huge task, a separate event to schedule. We just keep doing what we do. We live. We work and play with her as usual and that is assisting her.”

"This has been a life saving program for our daughter!  We are so grateful for The Arc."

"Overall it is an excellent program and his therapist is wonderful.  She is patient and understanding and knows what she is doing.  I would definitely recommend."

"Everyone was great.  We are very pleased with the progress our son made and with the ways you taught us to help him.  We felt very helpless with his delays until you guys came along and empowered us."

"We cannot say enough good things about our experiences with The Arc staff and programs! The support provided has helped us adjust and learn to parent our adopted daughter at a critical time in her development. Thanks to you all for caring and training us well."

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Here is what a few of families are saying about Community Living:

Amber's son ‘Charles’ is starting high school this fall and is excited about his new classes and his support team at his high school.  He and his family have benefited from having an advocate assist with his public school Individualized Education Plan (IEP) during the past school year from The Arc's Community Living staff. He is an exceptional young man who has a delightful personality.
In addition, The Arc offered a unique opportunity for high school students this summer: a series of training workshops for high school students with significant disabilities to assist them in becoming actively involved in their own education and future planning.  ‘Charles’ participated in this interactive learning experience and will utilize his new skills during his upcoming school year.
Here is what Amber had to say about our services:
“Words cannot express how grateful I am for The Arc of Shelby County and Susan Ellis and the services they provide. I would be lost without the services they provide. They have helped with getting my son the assistance and confidence he has needed to self advocate. I greatly appreciate the classes they offer as well as their time and materials to help inform me of my options to help my son get a full education. My son has flourished over the last year thanks to the help from The Arc and especially Susan Ellis.”
Thank You,
Amber Wallace
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I just wanted to express the help and support the Arc of Shelby County has provided to me with assistance for my daughter's IEP. I noticed last year that my daughter's school was trying to get out of providing the help and supports that are in her IEP. Susan Ellis attended the meeting and helped me get them back on board with the help they are supposed to be providing. She also examined Mallory's IEP and found areas for improvement.
Susan also conducted two workshops that educated my daughter about her IEP and taught her how to speak up for herself.
I am very grateful for the help that The Arc of Shelby County has provided.
Katie Carper